The Versatile Cutting Board: 6 Surprising Uses

The Versatile Cutting Board: 6 Surprising Uses

Wood cutting boards are great for slicing and dicing, but their usefulness doesn’t stop there. They are essential in every kitchen, handling tasks you might not have thought of.

Crafters love old cutting boards because they adaptable for a wide range of designs and uses. From clocks to tables, these boards make attractive, useful D-I-Y projects.

Here is a look at six unexpected ways to put your wooden cutting boards to work.




#1. Trivet

Cutting boards make natural trivets. The wood is thick and stable. It prevents burns and scorch marks to your counters or tables. Be sure to keep them out of the oven because they aren’t made as roasting planks. For safety, don’t put them on hot burners.


#2. Serving Platter

The rustic look of a wood cutting board adds interest to your cheese board or charcuterie board. And the surface is stable enough to make cutting easy for your guests.


#3. Cake Plate

Whatever size cake you bake, a cutting board is a great way to carry it and present it to your guests. The surface is solid and the board is strong so you don’t have to worry about dropping it. Choose one that is larger than the cake to make cutting easy. They work well for gingerbread houses.




#4. Hang It!

Use an old board as a hanging table outdoors. Drill holes in each corner, thread cord through and hang it up as a side table on the patio or porch.


#5. Never Lose Your Keys

Screw hooks into an old cutting board. Use them to keep track of your keys. Hang the cutting board by the door in your kitchen so the keys are always at hand.


#6. Tell Time

Buy an inexpensive clock kit at the craft store. Make a clock out of a small cutting board. This works especially well with an interesting shape, like a state or the moose board Wholesale Cutting Boards features.


Buy Wholesale and Save

Wood cutting boards can be used for a variety of tasks around the home. That’s why everyone appreciates a big or small cutting board as a gift. Keep them on hand for corporate rewards, employee anniversary gifts, customer incentives, club recognition prizes or wedding favors.

Cutting boards can be laser engraved with your company name and logo. This extends your marketing reach to everyone who sees it. It is a much-appreciated and cost-effective way to gain brand recognition.

When you buy wholesale cutting boards in lots of 25 or more, you reap significant savings. It’s also a good way to ensure that you never run out.

Do you need a custom design or shape? The experts at Wholesale Cutting Boards can create the exact board you need. E-Mail today for a free, no-obligation quote.