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Cutting Boards Make Useful Wedding Favors

In the flurry of wedding preparation, it is easy to let the choice of wedding favors slide. It’s just one more decision, among a host of others. What is affordable? What can people actually use? What looks attractive and lasts a long time? In each case, the answer is a wood cutting board. These practical […]

Show Off Your Wood Cutting Boards

Show Off Your Wood Cutting Boards Don’t hide your wood cutting boards away in a drawer or under the sink. They can add a rustic touch and a bit of whimsy to your kitchen. Here is a short tour via Pinterest, showing attractive methods using your cutting boards to decorate. This summer cottage stacks […]

Wedding Favors can be a cutting boards

Cutting Boards as Wedding Favors: Practical and Appreciated Wedding favors are probably far down on your to do list for the big event. But they deserve your attention. They can be so much more than silly momentos and another drain are your all-too-scarce resources. Why Worry About Wedding Favors? Wedding favors are the physical reminder […]

Worried About the Trees

The news each week has worrisome stories about destruction of forests and habitats, the effect on people living around these forests and the overall impact on life on Planet Earth. Your cutting board shouldn’t add to the problem. When you buy from Wholesale Cutting Boards, you never need to worry. The maple and cherry wood […]