Wholesale Cutting Boards

Maple or Cherry Hardwood

Wholesale Cutting Boards

One of the most effective marketing tools available for businesses is a promotional gift to give away. Wood cutting boards are among the most popular choices because they are both practical and attractive. Wholesale Cutting Boards has a wide selection in maple and cherry, all made in North America.

Get your brand known by adding your logo and company name to each board. Our cutting boards are high quality, crafted from superior hardwoods. We offer laser engraving, done by skilled staff using the latest equipment. We can also custom design a cutting board for your specific needs.

The boards are available in wholesale lots of 24 or more and priced affordably. These are perfect for all types of corporate events, club gatherings, door prizes, employee incentive awards, wedding favors and client appreciation gifts. Your customers will be thrilled to get a high quality, attractive cutting board that can be put to practical use everyday.


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