Cutting Boards Make Useful Wedding Favors

In the flurry of wedding preparation, it is easy to let the choice of wedding favors slide. It’s just one more decision, among a host of others. What is affordable? What can people actually use? What looks attractive and lasts a long time?

In each case, the answer is a wood cutting board. These practical gifts are in demand by anyone with a kitchen or a craft. Personalize them with laser engraving—add your names and the date of the wedding. It’s the perfect solution to the wedding favor conundrum.

Still not sure? Here is a look at four major benefits of giving cutting boards as useful wedding favors.


Long Lasting

Wood cutting boards made from maple, walnut and cherry last for decades. Hardwoods are dense, so the boards stand up to a lot of everyday food preparation and cutting.

Wood can self-heal to a degree. This means that tiny nicks from knife blades don’t show. And the surface also extends the life of your knife edges. Wood has a certain amount of give to it, so the blades stay sharp and last longer.

They keep their attractive looks with minimal upkeep. All they need is a quick rinsing and use of cleaner occasionally to get rid of stains and food residue. Then air dry them and they are ready for another use.

The hardwoods that Wholesale Cutting Boards use, including maple, walnut, and cherry, come from sustainable species. That means we are good stewards of the forests. Your purchase doesn’t harm the environment.


Useful Wedding Favors

Wood cutting boards are the epitome of useful wedding favors. They are in demand by cooks, craftspeople, and do-it-yourselfers.

Cooks need them for slicing and dicing meats, fruits and vegetables. Craftspeople and those who like to tinker around the house use them for sorting, gluing and cutting.

Cutting boards make wonderful serving trays. They are wide, so it is easy to select foods and also to cut cheese and meats.


Stable and Hygienic

A wood cutting board has heft. It doesn’t slide around on the counter when the chef is trying to cut meat. This stability and their wide cutting surface helped cooks and others stay safe from cuts.

The wood boards have natural properties that inhibit the build-up and growth of bacteria and other contaminants. This is a far cry from plastic boards. These develop hundreds of tiny gouges that let bacteria thrive, even after going through the dishwasher. A range of scientific studies have proved that wood is more sanitary than plastic.



You can buy wood cutting boards in wholesale lots of 25 or more through Wholesale Cutting Boards. This reduces the price of individual boards tremendously.

As wedding favors, they are in demand and much appreciated. When you put them up against tacky, plastic knickknacks, most of which last a day, week or month, there is simply no comparison. These boards last for decades and people actually use them on a daily basis.


Customizable Cutting Boards

Wholesale Cutting Boards can personalize your boards with your names and the date of your wedding. This acts as a constant reminder of the event. Each time the cook uses the board, she remembers your special day.

Do you have a special design in mind for your wedding? The team at Wholesale Cutting Boards  can help you with that too.

Call Wholesale Cutting Boards today for a free, no-obligation quote. Do you have questions about the type of wood or what images can be custom laser engraved. Contact us. We’re happy to help.