Finding the Right Cutting Board for Your Kitchen

The best cutting board for your kitchen is big enough to handle the foods you cut, and is food safe and gentle on you

Right Cutting Board for Your Kitchen

Finding the Right Cutting Board for Your Kitchen

your knives. It’s even better if it adds to the attractiveness of your kitchen décor.

Here is a closer look at four things to look for when selecting the best cutting board for your needs.

Wood, Not Plastic

The two most popular choices for cutting board materials are wood and plastic. For experienced cooks, there is no question that wood is the better choice.

Plastic develops nicks and scratches that harbor bacteria and other toxins. According to scientific studies, even a trip through the dishwasher can’t thoroughly sanitize it.

Wood cutting boards, on the other hand, has natural properties that prevent the growth of bacteria. It is simple to keep clean and sanitary. Just wash in gentle soap and water to get off debris and food waste.

Then use an anti-bacteria spray or a mix of bleach and water. Let that sit on the board for 10 minutes, then rinse and air dry the board. That’s all that it needs to stay safe for food preparation.


Use the Right Size

Carving a roast on a tiny cutting board is not just inefficient, it can be dangerous too. The small surface doesn’t allow for enough maneuverability for the food and the knife.

Buy a small board for produce and cheese. Get a bigger one that can safely handle roasts, chickens and other large size cutting jobs. It will help keep you safe from cuts and stop the mess from staining your counter.


An Artistic Touch

The right cutting board adds an artistic note to your kitchen. Wood boards come in a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. The different types of wood, especially cherry, walnut and maple, have different shadings and textures.

You can show off your boards by hanging them on the wall in your kitchen or resting them against the backboard on your counter. This also lets them safely air dry.


Good for Knives

Wood cutting boards are easy on your knives because they are able to partially self-heal from the many cuts to the surface from regular slicing and dicing. This even surface keeps the edge of a knife sharper for a longer period. Wood also has a certain amount of give, which makes it a softer surface.

Plastic doesn’t have this give or the ability to self-heal. In fact, it develops tiny crevices on the surface from the beginning. Over time they get more numerous and deeper. These catch on the edge of the knife, causing it to develop tiny nicks that dull its edge.


Cost-Effective Cutting

Wood cutting boards last for decades. With simple cleaning after each use, they will stay in good working condition for a lifetime. And their good looks last and last.


Save Money—Buy Wholesale

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