wood cutting board
wood cutting board avaliable in Cherry or Maple

Wood Cutting Board with Juice Groove

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This wood cutting board is available in Maple or Cherry. It measures 16” x 12” x ¾ inches. Wholesale pricing is available on this small cutting board. It is made from high quality hardwood, available in Maple or Cherry. This cutting board comes with a smooth finish and soft edges and ready to be treated with mineral oil.

SKU: WCB-101.

Product Description

Wooden Cutting Board with Juice Groove

This wood cutting board is your best friend when you are carving a roast. The juice groove keeps your countertop or table free from messy liquids. The solid cutting surface makes slicing easier and safer.

Stay Safe with a Firm Cutting Surface

Knife blades are sharp. Whether you’re cutting meat or produce, you need a stable surface that doesn’t slip and slide. Nicks and cuts in the kitchen are a continual risk for the cook. You substantially reduce that risk when you use a board like this one, with a big surface and a solid footing.

The board sits firmly on your table or counter. It provides a cutting surface large enough for a Thanksgiving turkey or big roast. You need lots of room to do a good job carving meat. When you cut on a board with plenty of space, your chicken, turkey, chicken or roast stays securely where it belongs.

It comes in either maple or cherry, both of which are sustainable hardwoods. With the proper care, they will provide you with a lifetime of cutting convenience.

Avoid Messy Cleanup

The cutting board is practical, made with a grooved channel all around the edge. Have you ever cut a watermelon? The juice can gush out, creating a mess on counters and tables. The groove on this board catches that type of liquid, reducing cleanup time.

Dicing fruits and vegetables often produces a lot of juice. With this cutting board, you don’t have to worry about stains on your counter or table. The channel catches the runoff. This is especially handy for fruits and vegetables with lots of liquid, like mangoes, papayas, melons, onions and bell pepper. In addition, the wide cutting surface makes it easier to handle large sizes easily and safely.

Great for Promotions

We sell these boards in wholesale lots of 25 or more. You can choose from either cherry or maple.

Do you want your logo added? We have the tools and skill to do high-end laser engraving. This is an excellent way to market your brand with a customized board with your company name or other message.

Cutting boards are appreciated by your customers when you give them as promotional gifts. They are also in demand at corporate events, awards banquets, club get-togethers and as wedding favors.

Are you looking for a custom design? Email for a no-obligation, free quote.

Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x .75 in

Maple, Cherry