round cutting board

Round Cutting Board

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Wholesale pricing on this round cutting board made from solid wood. Made from high quality hardwood, available in Maple or Cherry, it measures 10” x ¾” round. This round cutting board comes with a smooth finish, soft edges and ready to be treated with mineral oil. Made in the USA.

SKU: WCB-200.

Product Description

Round Cutting Board

This round wood cutting board, made in the USA and available in either maple or cherry, is a versatile addition to any kitchen. It is the right size for small to medium cutting jobs like mincing garlic or cutting lunch meat. The wood has a rustic, attractive look that fits in with every décor.

Functional and Practical

This round cutting board is made of fine-grained hardwood, either maple or cherry. It provides a solid cutting surface for your knife. Unlike plastic boards, it will not shred. There is no danger of wood particles in your food.

The wood provides a friendly surface for knife blades. It has a natural give that reduces dulling and prevents nicks and bending.

Wood is the most sanitary cutting surface available. It has inherent properties that kill bacteria and stops its growth. With regular cleaning, your wood cutting board will stay clean and free of toxins.

This round cutting board is thick, making it stable and easy to handle. This lets you cut with confidence and precision. The board won’t slip and slide while you try to dice up vegetables or slice meat.


The board is made to last for decades with minimal maintenance. Busy cooks use their cutting boards on a daily basis. This cutting board is so durable, it can handle this type of wear and tear and still last a lifetime.

One of the biggest advantages of wood as a cutting surface is the fact that it is self-healing, which reduces the harm from regular knife cuts. The cutting surface is usable for years.

For upkeep, all it needs is regular cleaning in warm, sudsy water, followed by rinsing and air drying.

Attractive Look

The round cutting board has a rustic look that goes well with all types of kitchen styles. These boards wear their age well, taking on an attractive patina over the years.

The round shape makes it an excellent shape for use as a cheese board. It has eye appeal and the cutting surface is stable for slicing cheese.

For any kitchen, this round cutting board adds a rustic, stylish touch. At the same time, it will provide an effective, stable cutting surface for decades.

Available Wholesale

These boards are sold in wholesale lots of 25 or more. They are perfect as wedding favors, door prizes, incentive awards and as promotional gifts.

Add laser engraving to gain brand recognition. Add your logo and company name, the perfect way to spread the word when using them for corporate marketing campaigns.

If you need a custom design cutting board email us for a free, no-obligation quote.

Additional Information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Dimensions 10 x .75 in
Wood Species

Maple, Cherry




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