Moose cutting board made from Maple or Cherry
A moose cutting boards

Moose Cutting Boards

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These moose cutting boards are available in Maple or Cherry. It measures 14 x 10 1/4 x ¾” inches. Wholesale pricing is available on these cutting boards. They are made from high quality hardwood, available in Maple or Cherry. They come with a smooth finish and soft edges and ready to be treated with mineral oil. Made in the USA.

SKU: WSC-101.

Product Description

The Fun Moose Cutting Board

This charming moose-shaped cutting boards lets you slice and dice on the wild side in the safety of your kitchen. The perfect gift for outdoor lovers, it brings a touch of whimsy to food preparation.

Maple or Cherry

Measuring 14” x 10.25” x .75”, it is made in the USA from your choice of cherry or maple. The board offers ample space for cutting produce and meats.

Both maple and cherry provide a solid cutting surface that makes cutting faster, easier and safer. It gives you a cutting platform that doesn’t slip on your countertop or table.

This moose cutting board makes a great conversation starter when you use it as a cheese board or serving platform for nibbles. The big size and solid cutting surface make it convenient and easy to use.

Wood, the Natural Cutting Surface

Wood has been proved more sanitary as a cutting surface than plastic. Properties that are inherent in wood help to kill bacteria and other toxins and stop them from growing.

A major problem with plastic is the tiny grooves that are formed by knife cuts. These make it impossible to thoroughly clean a plastic surface, even if you run it through the dishwasher.

Wood is easier on knife blades than bamboo, glass or ceramic. It doesn’t dull the cutting edge or cause nicks.

With just minor upkeep, wood cutting boards will last a lifetime. All that is required is washing in warm, soapy water, rinsing in clear water and then air drying.

Wood is ecologically friendly. The maple and cherry that these boards are made from are considered sustainable materials. Both are fast growing when compared to other species of hardwoods.

Great Prices

These boards are sold in wholesale lots of 25 or more at affordable prices. They make perfect gifts for businesses or groups. They are appreciated by customers when given out as promotional items. Employees love them as incentive awards. They are in demand as wedding favors. Attendees at club events treasure them as gifts or door prizes.

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Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 10.25 x .75 in