Worried About the Trees

The news each week has worrisome stories about destruction of forests and habitats, the effect on people living around these forests and the overall impact on life on Planet Earth. Your cutting board shouldn’t add to the problem.

When you buy from Wholesale Cutting Boards, you never need to worry. The maple and cherry wood used comes from sustainable, renewable resources.

Here is a look at what makes these cutting boards environmentally friendly.

Wood Leftovers

Home woodworkers have been making cutting boards from wood leftovers for decades. The process takes time and skill, as well as the right tools and a lot of patience. The end result is an attractive, useful cutting board that lasts for years.

Wholesale Cutting Boards has streamlined the use of wood scraps. They use pieces that many shops simply toss, which means they end up in the landfill. The craftspeople know how to fit together mismatched pieces and turn them into practical, decorative cutting boards that are an asset in any kitchen.

Sustainable and Renewable

Why are some hardwoods considered eco-friendly and others not? The two reasons are how fast they grow and how long they last. Both cherry and maple score high in both areas.

Relatively speaking, cherry and maple have short growing seasons for hardwoods. For example, walnut and oak take many more years to grow.

In addition, maple and cherry cutting boards provide a useful cutting surface for decades. Because these woods have a right grain, small pores and high density, they can take a pounding for decades and still be useful around the kitchen. Just look at the hardwood floors in many historic homes to see how beautiful and durable they are.

Two international groups have provided guidelines for sustainable and renewable resources, the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species and the International Union for Conservation of Nature. They both feel that cherry and maple are environmentally friendly.

Wholesale Cutting Boards

Wholesale Cutting Boards provides them in lots of 25 or more. These are perfect for corporate giveaways as promotional items, door prizes, employee incentives, sales incentives and wedding favors.

Wholesale Cutting Boards offers competitive pricing, laser engraving and custom design work. Email for more information and a free, no-obligation quote.