Wedding Favors can be a cutting boards

Cutting Boards as Wedding Favors: Practical and Appreciated

Wedding favors are probably far down on your to do list for the big event. But they deserve your attention. They can be so much more than silly momentos and another drain are your all-too-scarce resources.

Why Worry About Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors are the physical reminder that guests take with them, what triggers their memory of your wedding for years to come. Do you want them to remember you with a cheap, breakable wine glass with your monogram or a bottle opener spelling out LOVE?

These show you are thinking of your guests, but they have limited long-term value. More than likely, they will simply add to your guest’s clutter, get tossed in a cupboard and eventually tossed.

There’s a better way. Think in terms of practicality, good looks and long-term value. Think kitchen cutting boards!

Cutting Boards Are Useful

A gift that is welcomed is useful in the life of your guest. That’s where cutting boards shine. No kitchen can afford to be without a cutting board and it gets put to work on a daily basis. Beside slicing and dicing, they can be used as serving platters and cheese boards. They provide ample space for the cheese and other nibbles, plus a firm surface for cutting.

They are a practical addition to a crafter’s workroom, for hobbyists of all types and a necessity for the do-it-yourselfer. A well-made cutting board is the perfect surface for slicing, sorting, carving, whittling, etching, chiseling, trimming, grafting and gluing.

Cutting Boards Last for Decades

Why give a gift that can be broken, mangled or used up within days or weeks of the wedding? When you give a cutting board as a favor, you know it will have pride of place in the kitchen for decades to come.

Wood cutting boards are made for long years of daily use. They are thick, solid and handle knife cuts with ease. Natural properties in wood let them self-heal from knife cuts, so the surface isn’t a mass of gouges.

Maple and cherry woods are also kind to knives, so your cutting utensils last longer. The cutting surface has a certain amount of give to it that harder woods like bamboo don’t have. Unlike plastic, knife cuts don’t create tiny shreds, which can get into your food.

Cutting Boards Are Healthy

Plastic cutting boards are difficult to clean and have small gouges and nicks that can harbor contaminants. Even when placed in the dishwasher, studies have discovered that bacteria are still present.

Wood has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics that stops more than 95% of all possible contaminants. This safety feature was researched extensively in studies at the University of Wisconsin and the University of California. This is a potent argument for using wood, especially with national concerns about food contamination at an all-time high.

Cutting Boards Are Attractive

Wood cutting boards are aesthetically pleasing. They call to mind country kitchens and homemade pies. Each species of wood offers its own shadings, grain and texture, so no two are exactly alike.

You can buy wood cutting boards in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, square and rectangular. They are available in many sizes to fit specific needs.

Large ones are perfect for sliding a roasted chicken. Smaller ones work well for vegetables and fruits. Boards with grooves around the edges make slicing juicy fruits and vegetables, as well as the Sunday beef roast, without unnecessary mess.

Think Wholesale

Buying wholesale cutting boards makes them more affordable. It allows you to purchase the highest quality boards in a range of styles and woods at a price that works with your budget. When you buy in lots of 25 or more, the price is comparable to other, less useful and appreciated wedding favors.

You can choose from cherry or maple boards, made from sustainable woods that have a reputation for sturdiness. Personalize each cutting board by getting it laser engraved with your names and the date of the wedding.

Wholesale Cutting Boards has a wide range of boards to choose from. Or you can arrange for a custom design just for your wedding. Our team is happy to answer questions and provide a free, no-obligation quote. Email us, we’re here to help you make the most of your big day.